At the beginning of this school year we developed an Eco Committee on Bellinge Campus. Our committee consists of a group of children from Year 4 to Year 6 as well as Miss Cooper and Miss Davies. So far in our plight to make the campus a greener place we have introduced composting, delivered an assembly on reusing plastic bottles and had numerous meetings to discuss future plans.

Now it is your chance to become involved! We are gathering evidence in order to apply for the Silver Award. Part of this requires us to develop an Eco Code to be adopted by the campus which helps to remind us of our aims. This ‘code’ needs to be a short but catchy slogan. Miss Cooper’s attempt is ‘working together to make our school a greener place’. However, we are sure that you can much better! For this reason we are holding a competition – do you think you could write a suitable Eco Code for us to use? Please add your suggestion as a comment on this blog. Closing date will be Monday 12th May. The Eco Committee will decide on a winner and a prize will be awarded!

We look forward to viewing your suggestions…Good luck!