Let’s say NO to litter!

Over the past few weeks our Eco Committee have been monitoring how much litter is in our school grounds. Unfortunately there have been some occasions when we have counted over 50 pieces of litter in our school grounds. On Monday, in our assembly, our Committee members shared how important it was for us to think carefully about how we dispose of our litter. It is extremely important that we make sure ALL litter is placed into the correct bin, either the recycling or a rubbish bin. We would also like to give polite reminders to all visitors to our school grounds to please place rubbish into the bin. Unfortunately we found items such as energy drinks cans, chocolate bar wrappers and carrier bags during our recent litter pick. With our upcoming Green Flag assessment in mind we are urging all staff, children, parents and visitors to our school grounds to please take responsibility of disposing of litter correctly. Thank you!

Exciting news!

Our Eco Committee at Ecton Brook campus have been working extremely hard to get ready to apply for Green Flag status and we are pleased and proud to announce that the time has come! Our application has been received and we are now waiting for our date when an assessor comes to see all of our hard work. Thank you to each member of our Eco Committee and for all of the school for supporting us through this process. Fingers crossed! Remember ‘Your world is in your hands. More saving, less wasting’!

Drop 20!

Following on from our assembly on Monday here is our blog post for you to share the ways in which you aiming to drop 20! Remember to try to encourage everybody in your household to try to drop their water usage by 20 litres a day. Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth can drop 12 litres each time. Making sure the washing machine is full can drop 10 litres a time. Why not have a shorter shower? Or have less water in your bath? Post your comments to share with us what you are doing.

Wonderful water!

Today Classes 3,4,5 and 6 were lucky enough to participate in a workshop run by Anglian Water. We found out how scientists test if our water is clean enough to drink and even took part in similar activities ourselves. We also found out that we can waste up to 12 litres of water if we leave the tap on when we brush our teeth. One of our challenges was to sort pictures to show if they were wasting or saving water. This was really interesting and has made us think of ways in which we can save water ourselves! Why not post your water saving pledges as comments on this blog post!

Wonderful water facts!

We now have a newly elected Eco Committee who are eager and ready to start on a new topic. Their first project is to try to save water and so they hope to make posters that can be placed as reminders around the school. However they need your help! Please can you comment on this post with facts or ideas about how we can save water at school or at home. (For example, turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.) The Eco Committee will then use these facts on their posters. Thank you and we look forward to hearing your ideas. 

Strictly blog….not Eco….sorry!

Just wanted to say a massive congratulations to our Year 3/4 Strictly team who competed this morning at the Deco. They came 1st!!! Which meant that they returned tonight to compete in the final against the team who won the afternoon heat. They danced so well and came in as runner up. Huge well done!

We would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of the parents for allowing their children to compete again this evening and for returning them promptly to the Deco. Without your support we would not be able to do this. Also a huge thank you for bringing your children to school on Tuesday at 8am for the past number of weeks. We are so grateful. And of course a huge congratulations to the children! They have been so dedicated and committed and their hard work paid off! You should be so proud of the huge achievement you have made! We don’t have enough words to describe how proud of you we are! Well done!

Speech over! Thank you! Miss Cooper and Mrs Naseby

More Waste Week!

Well done to Reception year who took part in Waste Week last week by reusing lots of packaging and containers in a creative way. Their models look great! They managed to create a range of different things including rockets, lifeboats and even binoculars! Their teachers have also been reusing by creating a Prospero’s potion area linking reusing to their topic. Super work!

A big well done too to the children in Key Stage Two who completed the Waste Week quiz sheet. They showed super research skills to help them to find the answers.

Busy week!

We have had a busy week throughout the school. On Sunday Miss Cooper and Mrs Male took part in a Great British Spring Clean event and lots of children created entries for the Great British Spring Clean calendar competition. It has also been Waste Week and many children participated in activities linked to this project. Reception Year made lots of wonderful things during junk modelling projects and Year 1 upcycled kitchen roll tubes into handy pencil pots!

Great British Spring Clean!

Don’t forget that as well as the competition you can also help with the Great British Spring Clean by volunteering to help with a litter pick at an organised event. Miss Cooper and Mrs Male will be going to Beckets Park tomorrow to help with the Spring Clean in this area. If anybody is available to also come along it would be great to see you! Meeting point is at the pavilion by the tennis courts and the event has been organised to take part between 2pm and 4pm. Thank you!

Competition Time…..get drawing!

Following on from our assembly this morning, here is the link showing the litter heroes Wayne and Koda ready to go to battle against Lord Litter! If you would like to enter the calendar competition please create your cartoon with pictures of these 3 characters on an A4 piece of paper. Remember this needs to be landscape. On the back please write your name and year group then deliver it to Miss Cooper by Monday 6th March. Miss Cooper will then post all of the entries together. We are looking forward to seeing your entries!