Bag2school result!

A huge thank you to everybody who donated through our Bag2school scheme. In total we had 40 bags donated on the Ecton Brook Campus and 34 bags on the Bellinge Campus. A great achievement! We look forward to seeing how much money we have raised to help to fund our future projects. Thank you!


Tomorrow is the day!! We are so excited to see how many bags we get in…..don’t forget to drop off your bags this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning. All donated bags need to be in school by 9am tomorrow. Who’s got theirs ready to bring?!

Bag2School reminder!

Just a reminder that our Bag2school collection is this Friday, 23rd February. Please find attached a list of items that can and cannot be put into the bag. If you have too much to fit in the bag that you have then please feel free to use ordinary bin bags.

This is a great scheme that allows our unwanted items to be given to people who are in need and rely on donations from others. It is fantastic to have that feeling of being able to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. However the scheme also has a financial reward for us as we get money based on the weight of the items that we donate. This money is then used to fund projects in our school. We are hoping to start transforming our wild overgrown area by the field into a nature area that can be used to support learning and also provide a calm area to be used during break times. The more items you donate the more opportunities it opens up for our Eco Committee, so please start filling yours bags! A number of members of staff are using this as an opportunity to have a ‘spring clean’. Let’s see if between us we can smash our 86 bag total from last year!

Miss Cooper’s pile so far……She hasn’t sorted out her shoe collection yet!


On Friday all children on both sites received a Bag2school. This bag can be filled with unwanted but clean textiles please and returned to school on Friday 23rd February. Please try to avoid bringing them in any earlier as unfortunately we have very very limited storage space! Last year we managed to fill 86 bags, let’s try to beat that this year! If you need extra bags, please pop in to the school office to ask or use bin bags. Thank you for your support!

It’s up!

Our Green Flag is up and flying with pride! A massive thank you to Mr Drage for putting it up for us so quickly. It even stayed up last week during all of the terrible wind! We went out to check it on Friday and it is looking great. You can see our flag flying from the playground and even when you drive into the car park as it is on the outdoor classroom. Remember to check it out! We are also looking into future projects that we could start – if you have a suggestion add it to this post as a comment. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Green Flag award!

On Friday EB Campus had a visit from an Eco Schools assessor who was checking to see if we were ready to be awarded our Green Flag status. It was the job of the Eco Committee members to show our visitor around and to tell her about all of our projects and hard work. They spoke extremely enthusiastically and confidently and the assessor was very impressed (as were Miss Cooper and Mrs Male)! It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that we have successfully achieved Green Flag status! Thank you to all Eco Committee members, past and present, for all of your hard work. Thank you too to all of the children, staff, parents and carers who have supported our projects so far. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Green Flag so that we can fly it with pride!

Switch Off Fortnight results!

Thank you for all of your hard work over the past 2 weeks in ensuring that we use our energy wisely. Today our Eco Committee members completed an audit around the school to check that lights were turned off, screens were turned off and things weren’t left plugged in that didn’t need to be. We have collated our findings and we will announce the winners of our fabulous key rings in the next few days. Why not check out our notice board for our full results. Remember to turn off items not in use to help us to save energy. Classroom energy monitors keep up the hard work and keep nagging your adults!

Reusing at its best!

A number of staff at Ecton Brook have very kindly donated old clothes, coats, blankets and sleeping bags over the past few weeks to a charity supporting people who are homeless. This is a fantastic way to reuse old clothing and means such a lot to the people who are receiving these. A massive thank you to all of those who donated, you have really made a difference.