Our plastic footprint

Yesterday our whole school assembly informed us about how important it is to ensure that we recycle our plastic products. We found out about the devastating damage that plastic waste can have on our environment including wildlife. We have decided to work really hard to reduce our plastic footprint. To kick start this we are looking into replacing plastic straws we use for our milk cartons with cardboard straws. We are also having discussions with the caretakers to think of ways in which we can recycle our plastic waste at school.

In connection to this, we also talked about ways in which we could reduce our plastic footprint at home. We thought about how we could reuse plastic bottles and carrier bags. Another great way would be cutting down on the amount of plastic waste that we have in our lunch boxes. Using reusable containers and tin foil (which could also be reused) is a great start. We are looking forward to seeing lots of rubbish free lunch boxes!

Why not look at the size of your plastic footprint by completing the quiz on the Greenpeace website with your family. It would be great to see pledges to reduce our waste at both school and at home. Good luck!

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