Bag2School reminder!

Just a reminder that our Bag2school collection is this Friday, 23rd February. Please find attached a list of items that can and cannot be put into the bag. If you have too much to fit in the bag that you have then please feel free to use ordinary bin bags.

This is a great scheme that allows our unwanted items to be given to people who are in need and rely on donations from others. It is fantastic to have that feeling of being able to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. However the scheme also has a financial reward for us as we get money based on the weight of the items that we donate. This money is then used to fund projects in our school. We are hoping to start transforming our wild overgrown area by the field into a nature area that can be used to support learning and also provide a calm area to be used during break times. The more items you donate the more opportunities it opens up for our Eco Committee, so please start filling yours bags! A number of members of staff are using this as an opportunity to have a ‘spring clean’. Let’s see if between us we can smash our 86 bag total from last year!

Miss Cooper’s pile so far……She hasn’t sorted out her shoe collection yet!

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