Green Flag award!

On Friday EB Campus had a visit from an Eco Schools assessor who was checking to see if we were ready to be awarded our Green Flag status. It was the job of the Eco Committee members to show our visitor around and to tell her about all of our projects and hard work. They spoke extremely enthusiastically and confidently and the assessor was very impressed (as were Miss Cooper and Mrs Male)! It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that we have successfully achieved Green Flag status! Thank you to all Eco Committee members, past and present, for all of your hard work. Thank you too to all of the children, staff, parents and carers who have supported our projects so far. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Green Flag so that we can fly it with pride!

5 thoughts on “Green Flag award!

  1. Well done. What an acheivement! Chloe is very proud, as you all should be.
    I have a friend who teaches at a primary school in Wales and her eco committee have just started working towards the green flag. We wondered if your committee would like to write to her committee to offer some support, tips and share ideas?

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