Switch Off Fortnight

Switch Off Fortnight started today! On the Ecton Brook Campus we completed an energy audit to see how well classes are doing with regards to their energy usage. This audit occurred at lunch time so we were meticulously checking if teachers had remembered to turn off their interactive screens and laptops when not in use and if lights had been turned off in empty classrooms. Over the next 2 weeks we will be monitoring energy usage across the school to see if we can decrease the amount that we use. The classes that we feel have worked the hardest to do this will receive a certificate as well as a cute mascot for their class! Please help us to reduce our energy usage by…

Turning off plugs when they are not being used.

Turning off screens and monitors not in use.

Making sure laptops are in sleep mode or turned off when not being used.

Turning off lights in rooms not in use.

Please make sure your class has chosen energy monitors to help to give reminders to the adults in your room!

This cute prizes could be yours! Start saving energy now!

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