Drop 20!

Following on from our assembly on Monday here is our blog post for you to share the ways in which you aiming to drop 20! Remember to try to encourage everybody in your household to try to drop their water usage by 20 litres a day. Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth can drop 12 litres each time. Making sure the washing machine is full can drop 10 litres a time. Why not have a shorter shower? Or have less water in your bath? Post your comments to share with us what you are doing.

14 Replies to “Drop 20!”

  1. i loved making posters for drop 20
    I love to make posters about cleaning the school so we can save the environment.

  2. Yesterday my class and me created posters to help save water and pick up the litter but even better don`t put the litter on the floor because then we won`t have to pick it up!I really hope that the posters are a good reminder to everyone in the school. I also hope that it helped the Eco.

  3. DROP 20 by washing your vegtables in a bowl of water ; you can use the water from the bowl to wash your car as well this will save aproxamently 1.5 in a small bowl and 2.5 in a big bowl…😀😜😋😎

  4. I have been keeping the tap of when i brush my teeth, I have been having quick showers and I use to make a drink by water but never drink it all so i have been drinking then all now! Esther

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