Wonderful water facts!

We now have a newly elected Eco Committee who are eager and ready to start on a new topic. Their first project is to try to save water and so they hope to make posters that can be placed as reminders around the school. However they need your help! Please can you comment on this post with facts or ideas about how we can save water at school or at home. (For example, turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.) The Eco Committee will then use these facts on their posters. Thank you and we look forward to hearing your ideas. 

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  1. Question do you keep the tap running when you clean your teeth?lots do but you can save water by half filling a cup and only using that to clean and rinse question why do we rinse? Jacky gunn

  2. When you are waiting for the shower heat up catch the cold water in a bucket to use for other things, like watering the garden

  3. we could take shorter showers or for people with baths you could use less water and not stay in for so long meaning we wont have to keep filling it up when it gets cold which means no wasting water.

  4. Hi
    i thought of some different ways of saving water:
    1. boil what you need
    2. shower with less water
    3. save up your dirty clothes
    4. get a low flush toilet
    5. time your gardening
    6. water your garden(without a hose)
    never use a hose to water your garden because using a hose it waste a alot of water 1000 liters or close!

  5. Hi it’s Layla and I have an idea. When washing vegetables you can put the water in a bowl so the tap isn’t running for ages. It will be better for washing and growing your food to because after you could use the water from the bowl to water your other plants in your garden.🙂

  6. Hi we have some ideas
    you can have a sort shower like 4 mins
    and we can save water by turning of the tap when you brush your teeth

  7. from louise and summer
    we should try and save as much water as possible by instaling water butts it saves
    you turning the tap on to water your plants.
    we could also reduse food wast.

  8. the more water you use the less there is for the enviorment so the way for you to help is to : turn off the tap, instal water savings,eat less meat and get a low flush toilet

  9. 1.turn off the tap, leaving a tap running while bushing teeth uses 6 litres of water a minute.
    2. boil what you need 3. shower with less

  10. johnny

    we can use rain water to wash and to water the plants,stuffs and we can brush are teeth.or you can not use water t0 brush are teeth 1 do this a lot.

  11. How about getting Ice then waiting for it to melt then freeze it in the fridge or… put a water in a big jug then put it in the fridge

  12. How about getting Ice then waiting for it to melt then freeze it in the fridge or… put a water in a big jug then put it in the fridge

    P.S I made a mistake commenting as thomas

    – Charlie Prag ell

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