It’s up!

Our Green Flag is up and flying with pride! A massive thank you to Mr Drage for putting it up for us so quickly. It even stayed up last week during all of the terrible wind! We went out to check it on Friday and it is looking great. You can see our flag flying from the playground and even when you drive into the car park as it is on the outdoor classroom. Remember to check it out! We are also looking into future projects that we could start – if you have a suggestion add it to this post as a comment. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Green Flag award!

On Friday EB Campus had a visit from an Eco Schools assessor who was checking to see if we were ready to be awarded our Green Flag status. It was the job of the Eco Committee members to show our visitor around and to tell her about all of our projects and hard work. They spoke extremely enthusiastically and confidently and the assessor was very impressed (as were Miss Cooper and Mrs Male)! It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that we have successfully achieved Green Flag status! Thank you to all Eco Committee members, past and present, for all of your hard work. Thank you too to all of the children, staff, parents and carers who have supported our projects so far. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Green Flag so that we can fly it with pride!

Switch Off Fortnight results!

Thank you for all of your hard work over the past 2 weeks in ensuring that we use our energy wisely. Today our Eco Committee members completed an audit around the school to check that lights were turned off, screens were turned off and things weren’t left plugged in that didn’t need to be. We have collated our findings and we will announce the winners of our fabulous key rings in the next few days. Why not check out our notice board for our full results. Remember to turn off items not in use to help us to save energy. Classroom energy monitors keep up the hard work and keep nagging your adults!

Reusing at its best!

A number of staff at Ecton Brook have very kindly donated old clothes, coats, blankets and sleeping bags over the past few weeks to a charity supporting people who are homeless. This is a fantastic way to reuse old clothing and means such a lot to the people who are receiving these. A massive thank you to all of those who donated, you have really made a difference.

Reception Year reuse, reduce and recycle!

Reception Year have been working really hard to reduce the amount of waste they throw away. The children have been learning about 3D shapes and made houses from junk modelling. The boxes gave them the opportunity to talk about the shapes of the faces. They then used their amazing houses to create a scene from The Snowman which will be used to support their imagination as they read and retell the story. Great work Reception!

Switch Off Fortnight

Switch Off Fortnight started today! On the Ecton Brook Campus we completed an energy audit to see how well classes are doing with regards to their energy usage. This audit occurred at lunch time so we were meticulously checking if teachers had remembered to turn off their interactive screens and laptops when not in use and if lights had been turned off in empty classrooms. Over the next 2 weeks we will be monitoring energy usage across the school to see if we can decrease the amount that we use. The classes that we feel have worked the hardest to do this will receive a certificate as well as a cute mascot for their class! Please help us to reduce our energy usage by…

Turning off plugs when they are not being used.

Turning off screens and monitors not in use.

Making sure laptops are in sleep mode or turned off when not being used.

Turning off lights in rooms not in use.

Please make sure your class has chosen energy monitors to help to give reminders to the adults in your room!

This cute prizes could be yours! Start saving energy now!

Let’s get composting!

Recently Miss Cooper and Mrs Male bagged up the compost that we made last school year. We managed to fill a whopping 10 bags of lovely, beautiful compost! This Ecton Brook compost already has plans to be used by a number of Year groups. We look forward to hearing about the projects that this compost has supported.

We are now in a position to start composting again, you will get a notification in your area when your compost bin is up and ready to be used. We are hoping to beat our 10 bag record from last year!

Let’s say NO to litter!

Over the past few weeks our Eco Committee have been monitoring how much litter is in our school grounds. Unfortunately there have been some occasions when we have counted over 50 pieces of litter in our school grounds. On Monday, in our assembly, our Committee members shared how important it was for us to think carefully about how we dispose of our litter. It is extremely important that we make sure ALL litter is placed into the correct bin, either the recycling or a rubbish bin. We would also like to give polite reminders to all visitors to our school grounds to please place rubbish into the bin. Unfortunately we found items such as energy drinks cans, chocolate bar wrappers and carrier bags during our recent litter pick. With our upcoming Green Flag assessment in mind we are urging all staff, children, parents and visitors to our school grounds to please take responsibility of disposing of litter correctly. Thank you!

Exciting news!

Our Eco Committee at Ecton Brook campus have been working extremely hard to get ready to apply for Green Flag status and we are pleased and proud to announce that the time has come! Our application has been received and we are now waiting for our date when an assessor comes to see all of our hard work. Thank you to each member of our Eco Committee and for all of the school for supporting us through this process. Fingers crossed! Remember ‘Your world is in your hands. More saving, less wasting’!